AR is the future

So are we!

Augemented Reality is the future of every business & we are who you need to integrate AR into your business

AR wearables

Work is Easy & fun!

Augmented Reality at Work

Simian Apps is ready to turn around the way things work daily. Monitor, Report & Innovate with Simian Apps.

Monitoring work operations can't get any easier.

Augmented Reality at Work

Revolution with reality

with Simian Apps

We innovate to make work more interesting and easy.

Be the first to bring the Revolution of Technology.


What We Love To Do ?

We innovate our Products & Services constantly to let you innovate your Work Life.

AR Wearables

AR Wearables

Our Augmented Reality wearables are here to innovate your OPERATIONS.

Augmented Reality Applications

AR Apps

We Develop Innovative Modern & Powerful Applications to make Work Easy & Fun!

Augmented Reality Support

AR Support

We Create Modern And Powerful Html5 And CSS3 Code Easy For Read And Customize.

Have You Seen Our Works?

We love what we do and our passion has driven us to develop these masterpieces. Find the Simian Works here!

Coming Soon...!

About Us

Our amazing team make the impossible work with ease!

A group of dreamers coming together to give life to these dreams. Everyone would have loved the scene where Tony Stark sees info about his surroundings through his suit. Few of us dream to use it. Fewer take a step to make it . And we are among the fewest coming closer to building it.

We dream of this world to be a much more conveneient place to live and work in. We innovate & try to bring state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Wearables & Apps to life for you.

Our 24 Hours

  • Innovation

  • Passion

  • Laze Around with Coffee

  • Build, Build & Build

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